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The Most Excited I Have Been About Music In Years!

If you already know me then you will know I have always loved music but its only recently I have got really excited about it in a big way. I have played in rock bands for years and I have always done music I enjoy performing and I always had a good time doing it. The only problem for me is it was never my first choice of sound.

So Whats Changed?

I have always said that country music could be huge in the UK and finally it looks as though it's going that way. Today I have just read how the UK is about to get its first Major Country Radio Station. This is big news for Uk Country Artists. Also we have had some amazing turnouts at country music festivals like C2C Festival which has just been and gone. Not only that but I have fully embraced the streaming platforms. I think for a while I was trying to fight the trend but I have realised what they are now and just how powerful they can be when used properly. More on that though in another blog.

My Team:

Whilst I am trying to make it using my name as a solo artist I have still got a great team working with me. I have a new manager called Peter Boswell and I have a writing team which is amazing. Jon Blakey and Vincent Wegner have been amazing to work with and I feel working with them I have put together some of the best songs I have ever worked on. Even my Brother Mikey has written a song for me.

Whats to come:

  1. New Single - Million Reasons out on the 16th March.

  2. Music Video for Million Reasons also out on the 16th March

  3. Follow up song Didn't Mean To Love You out on the 5th April

  4. Rehearsals start for live shows coming up in the near future TBA

  5. New cover songs coming every week.

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