• Steve Nunn

New Single Is Out Now!

Single Cover

I am so excited to say that my first new music in 2 years is now out. For me this is the best put together song I have ever released. Whilst over the years I do think that my song writing has improved, the thing that really makes the difference on this song and new songs I have yet to come is because of the team around me. For this song I employed the services of a local producer called Elliot Vaughn who I used on my previous 2 songs I released back in 2017. This time I even managed to get him to play the drums on this song which he nailed in like a couple takes. Alongside me on this one I had Jon Blakey who played lead guitar on this one. His ideas on this song really gave it the country feel I wanted whilst keeping it feeling my own and authentic.

It has been nearly 24 hours since the song came out and I have been really pleased with the response so far it has been great.

If you would like to check out my new single you can either watch the video below or if you click the link you will it will take you to the streaming platform of your choice. Click the link to stream for Free - https://ffm.to/aepr79n

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